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Concrete Services Available in Kansas City, MO

Choose Kansas City Concrete & Asphalt Services, Inc. for all of your concrete needs! Place your confidence and trust in a company with years of experience for all of your parking lot, street, and driveway needs. We follow a strict set of safety guidelines and industry standards, ensuring that we get the job done right the first time. Our concrete services are perfect for new driveways, parking lot repair, crack sealing, concrete paving for commercial and residential driveways, and more. Continue reading below to learn more or give us a call to speak with one of our experienced team members.

Streets & Lots

Laying concrete

The team at Kansas City Concrete and Asphalt Services, Inc. have years of experience in both parking lot and road paving. We’ve performed patches and repairs all the way to full excavation projects. If you see any cracks or failures in your concrete, give us a call today! We can provide a free estimate on repairs needed to get your street and lots looking brand new.



Concrete sidewalks are walked on almost every day-they all require removal and replacement at some point. Cracks and movement within the sidewalk can become a safety hazard to you and others. We are able to remove and replace complete sidewalks or individual sections in order to patch and repair concrete when needed.

ADA Compliance

Curb Services

At Kansas City Concrete and Asphalt Services, Inc., we are also experienced in building ADA compliant handicap ramps wherever you may need them. Colored, stamped, and decorative concrete finishes are also available to achieve a more attractive look and feel for any project. Please call us for a free estimate.

Joint Sealant

Joint Sealant

Much like anything else, concrete ages and deteriorates over time. Water, weather, and traffic all take their toll on paved surfaces. Underground water is also a major cause of pavement failure, resulting in stress and cracks. Most cracks can be repaired, but more work may be needed. We can provide a free evaluation and determine the best course of action for your particular concrete situation.

Excavation & Grading


Excavation and Grading is the first step of a successful construction project. At Kansas City Concrete and Asphalt Services, Inc., we are well versed in clearing land, excavating, earth-moving, erosion control, soil loss, demolition, and more. We are able to maintain your highly-accurate grade, saving you costs further down the line.

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