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Used Concrete Pumps

Used Concrete Pumps

The Top 3 Benefits Of Purchasing Used Concrete Pumps

The idea of purchasing used concrete pump does not always appeal to everyone and we often have a negative connotation when it comes to the prospect of using secondhand items to handle a major job. However, used concrete pumps can provide numerous benefits and we are here to let you know about these pumps are advantageous to you.

After all, secondhand machinery is becoming increasingly popular in the world of construction and is also being used regularly by those who handle their own projects in their spare time. To find out more about the benefits of purchasing used concrete pumps, take a moment to read on and educate yourself.

1. Lowering Your Costs

Why would you ever choose to willingly spend more money than you have to? Once you are in the process of deciding on which concrete pumps to use, used machinery always allows you to keep costs down and avoid spending more money than necessary. The amount of money that you are able to save will depend on the condition of the equipment and any reputable used concrete pump provide will not supply their customers with shoddy materials.

No retailer is ever going to offer you a broken machine to take home with you and you do not sacrifice any functionality. In addition to these financial benefits, you also save big money on repairs if the machine experiences any difficulties. Since the value of the pump has already decreased significantly, you can repair it without the usage of costlier parts.

2. Wider Range of Available Models

Think about it this way. What if you had decided that you wish to purchase a luxury automobile, such as a Mercedes? If you have already decided that you are fine with obtaining a used Mercedes, this would allow you to find the car that you desire without spending the same amount of money that it would cost to select a brand new model.

This same logic applies when you are purchasing used concrete pumps. Now that more and more people are relying on secondhand pumps to handle their most pivotal tasks, this also has a helpful side effect. A greater number of the top brands are now more making their way into the used pump marketplace, giving consumers a wider range of products to choose from.

3. Investing In Your Future

For a business that regularly relies on the use of concrete pumps, purchasing a used model represents a useful investment into their future. You are not only investing in the business' current performance, but you are also investing in your future. The money that is saved by purchasing a used pump can then be used for other crucial facets of your business.

While it may seem smart to invest in shiny and brand new machinery during the early stages of starting a business, you are better off taking your time and building a client base before you make an investment of that magnitude. Having additional resources to dedicate to other areas of a business is very important when you are just getting started out.


Used Concrete Pumps

Top Five Reasons to Buy Used Concrete Pumps

used concrete pumpsOwning and operating a construction company presents unique challenges, especially in today's age. The unprecedented conditions businesses currently face surprise several construction operators and throw them off guard entirely.  Concrete pumping using wheelbarrows can suit small scale projects, but commercial grade concrete pumping calls for higher-grade equipment. Concrete pumps have steadily grown in the construction industry as a must-have piece of machinery.The ability to pump large volumes of concrete to ...

Safety Guidelines for Buying Used Concrete Pumps

used concrete pumpsWhen using any concrete pump model, you should fully understand your responsibilities as a professional contractor. These pumps are known for quickly pumping high volumes of concrete for construction projects, but they can be dangerous. Setting safety goals for your construction crew is beneficial in several ways. By implementing safety strategies that use the proper equipment, your team and your equipment will remain unharmed.The American Concrete Pumping Association highly urges ...

Should I buy new or used concrete pumps?

used concrete pumpsConcrete pumps are a great addition to any building contractor's artillery. They bring an unmatched efficiency and effectiveness to the process of conveying liquid concrete from the place of mixing to any desired point on the site. If you are still stuck with the manual methods of transporting concrete on your site, you should consider investing in a concrete pump. However, one of the first decisions you'll have to make ...

Concrete Pumps | Buy or Sell | New or Used

used concrete pumps Concrete Pumps USA has the biggest variety of used concrete pumps for sale in North America - one for every need and budget. Concrete pumps - even used pumps - are not minor investments. Therefore, you'll be pleased to learn that Concrete Pumps USA offers financing on all of our concrete pump trucks and equipment. Click here to learn more about our financing options or to submit your application.  Concrete Pumps USA Has ...

Used Concrete Pumps Guide

used concrete pumpsAnyone who wants to buy used concrete pumps can turn to us at Concrete Pumps USA. We have multiple models, name brands, and price options in our inventory of new and used pumps. Concrete pumps can be useful in many types of construction projects, which make them an investment for the future of your contracting business.In our inventory, customers will find a wide array of boom pumps, trailer pumps, and ...

Tips to Get Used Concrete Pumps

Investing in used concrete pumps can be quite terrifying with the availability of different used concrete pumps for sale these days. Don’t panic! We’ve put together a few but significant factors to consider when buying used concrete boom pumps and used concrete line pumps. Strictly adhering to this would assure you that your investment is worthwhile. Determining the Type of Used Concrete Pump You May NeedThis question can be answered by you alone, depending on the ...

Use Concrete Pumps: Warranties Included!

If you are considering purchasing a concrete pump, consider our used concrete pumps from Concrete Pumps USA. Whether you have lots of experience or little-to-no experience in this industry, we would like to provide you with some tips to help you find the best used concrete pump for your needs, even if you intend to purchase it from another concrete pump seller. The process of purchasing a used concrete pump can be broken down into ...

Investing in Used Concrete Pumps

used concrete pumps       Some types of equipment are ‘must-haves’ on the job, as is the case with concrete pumps. Investing in the right equipment improves productivity on the job site and positively impacts your bottom line. You’ll save money when you browse used concrete pumps and purchase a low-mileage pump from our inventory at Concrete Pumps USA. We have a large selection of major brand-name pumps designed to take the workload off ...

Used Concrete Pumps: Save Money & Take on New Jobs

used concrete pumps       Buying used concrete pumps can be a double-edged sword. On the one side, you can save thousands - even tens of thousands - of dollars by purchasing a used concrete pump, and you can still receive a high-quality piece of machinery that is durable and lasts for years if you purchase it from the right retailer. On the other side of it, buying a used pump can be a ...

Buy Used Concrete Pumps: Concrete Pumps USA

A concrete pump is crucial to a construction project. Unfortunately, the high demand for concrete pumps, plus their size and complexities, makes them quite expensive. The average price of a brand-new concrete pump is too high for many contractors. For that reason, you may be considering purchasing a pre-owned concrete pump. It is important to remember, however, that there is a lot of room for error when purchasing a used product. For that reason, you ...

Used Concrete Pumps for Sale; Line and Boom Pumps

used concrete pumpsIf you're in the market for used concrete pumps, then you are in the right place now. Concrete Pumps USA is the United States number one buyer and seller of used concrete pumps. We buy concrete pumps that are still in fair to great condition, we fix them up, and then we resell them at an affordable price. Whether you are looking to purchase your first concrete pump or ...

Cheap Used Concrete Pumps

used concrete pumps                Are you a construction contractor in the United States? If so, do you have own any concrete pumps? Right now, you can purchase used concrete pumps from Concrete Pumps USA and save big! How big? In most instances, more than 50% of the total purchase price for the same pump brand new! Concrete Pumps USA buys, fixes, and sells all types of concrete pumping equipment that is guaranteed to ...

How To Choose A Quality Used Concrete Pump

Buying a concrete pump can help you streamline some of your processes, make the work easier for your crew, and save your company a lot of effort and time. However, this piece of equipment can be expensive and could put a big dent on your fund. If you are on a budget and can’t purchase a new concrete pump, then you should check out used concrete pumps for sale. When it comes to buying used ...

We Have All the Options You Need With Used Concrete Pumps

used concrete pumpsBuilding sites have the potential to be and look like a torrential storm. This conclusion is especially true when you contrast the new technology with old tools. In previous years, builders used cranes to lift buckets of liquids across floors. The concrete pumps have cleaned out the chaos and hustle of raising single buckets. They ease the building process by pumping massive volumes of fluid to higher floors.  The ...

6 Safe Driving Practices for Your Used Concrete Pumps

Driving a large truck like concrete pump is a lot different from driving other vehicles. This is why the drivers need special licenses. The place of used concrete pumps are on the construction site; they are only seen on the road when they are going to the construction site or returning from it.At every point in time, the machine needs to be operated or driven carefully. Just as it can be involved in on-site accidents, ...

6 Essential Tips to Help Extend the Lifespan of Your Used Concrete Pump

A concrete pump is a vital machine that can meaningfully transform your construction business. Whether you personally handle construction projects or rent out machineries, having concrete pumps as an asset can be very profitable.For many, used concrete pumps are better option than new ones. If you already own a concrete pump, you definitely will like it to work in an excellent condition for several years. The truth is, you can actually extend the lifespan of ...

The right used concrete pump for your business

concrete pumpsUsed concrete pumpsGetting the right used concrete pump should not be a challenge like many people find if you get it from the right company. Purchasing a used concrete pump doesn’t mean that you will not get the quality equipment as if you bought it brand new. Actually, you can buy a used pump from our company that will serve you for a very long time. We have ...

5 Tips to Increase the Pressure Capacity of Your Used Concrete Pumps

used concrete pumpsDetermining how best to increase your concrete pump pressure capacity isn’t as difficult as you think and you don’t have to be a physicist to implement a change in your used concrete pumps pressure. To achieve this, here are five important tips to follow.Jobsite EvaluationAs per insights gathered, on the off chance that you require a smaller-sized aggregate for your job's concrete mix, this will build your placement costs. ...

6 Common Faults in Used Concrete Pumps

used concrete pumpsA used concrete pump will be a significant addition for your construction firm. It will help to speed up construction works in your sites and improve cost-efficiency. It can also be an essential investment option for firms that rent machines. While you can always get great used concrete pumps, it is possible that your machine develops faults. Here, we will consider six common errors you are likely to encounter ...

Purchasing a Used Concrete Pump: Is it a wise choice?

We have the best concrete used pumpsThe equipment to carry out construction work is a vital force for the performance of competitive operations. In many occasions, the productivity and characteristics of the machine are critical factors to generate a real advantage in the industry.In that sense, investing in a concrete pump can generate high profits, especially if you need to take concrete to hard-to-reach places frequently. The used concrete ...

A Buying Guide For Used Concrete Pumps

used concrete pumpsBuying used concrete pumps allows a business to benefit in a number of ways. On the other hand, there are a wide range of choices to make and the process can be intimidating. That's why we have prepared this helpful buying guide for used concrete pumps so that businesses are a able to make the best possible choice for their present needs and their future concerns.The process of selecting ...

Things To Consider When Buying Used Concrete Pumps

Owning a concrete pump can be beneficial to you and your business, it can enhance the growth of your business and increase your profitability. However, for a lot of small business owners can’t afford new concrete pumps because they are very expensive. Hence, it is financially wise to purchase used concrete pumps. But, before you purchase a used concrete pump, there are some vital factors you need to put into consideration. In ...

A Guide For Buying Used Concrete Pumps

used concrete pumpsThere are lots of used concrete pumps on sale these days and finding the right one to buy might be difficult. So for those that are buying for the first time or those that want to add to their machines, the following tips would be helpful:The type of pump to buyThe market for used concrete pumps is a very dynamic one and trying to keep up with the trend ...
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Used Concrete Pumps Used Concrete Pumps Used Concrete Pumps

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