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Turf Grass Corona

Turf Grass Corona

Artificial turf is a very interesting alternative when it comes to decorating a garden, thanks to its great advantages, but it is important that we value the different possibilities that we have at our disposal. 

Installing artificial turf, especially if we want to decorate a garden or a large space, is an alternative that on the one hand offers us a great simplicity in maintenance, and on the other hand involves making an investment.

These variables make that many individuals and even some companies consider the alternative of buying artificial turf instead of planting natural grass, an option that obviously offers the advantage of being natural but that brings problems such as inventing a lot of money in maintenance. This is where artificial turf fits perfectly. Since it does not require a lot of care or large sums of money for its maintenance.

What should you consider when installing artificial turf?

It must be taken into account that the artificial turf has to adapt to the ground, and this is an important detail if we want it to be perfect, avoiding malformations, preventing its accelerated deterioration and, in short, achieving the desired effect, which is the feeling of real grass.

The advantages of new artificial turf 

From a general perspective, we are going to analyze the main advantages of choosing to buy new grass as opposed to the alternative of buying natural grass:

New turf is going to adapt perfectly to the characteristics of the terrain where it is placed.

It is brand new grass, so we will enjoy it from the beginning of its useful life, which means that we have many years ahead to amortize the time, effort and money that the installation has cost us.

If we opt for a quality artificial turf, its durability and resistance to weather and use will be very high, so, even if it costs a little more at the beginning, it will last many more years and will do so in much better conditions.

We will have the total certainty that it has no imperfections along its entire length.

We will be able to go cutting the pieces according to the real dimensions, thus avoiding having to be placing patches everywhere.

The system that we use for its fixation or adhesion to the floor will be much more efficient, guaranteeing that it will remain intact for many years.

The visual sensation will always be much more realistic than if we opt for a second hand artificial grass, achieving the natural grass effect that we are looking for.

If the second-hand artificial turf has been stored for a long time and has not been rolled up properly, there will have been malformations in its extension, so that, when it is rolled out, there will be bald patches and the grass fibers will never have a proper inclination again.

A new artificial turf is a clean turf, without bacteria and without remains of a previous use, so it is more hygienic.

When it is old artificial turf, it may have been manufactured with materials and techniques that are no longer used. Nowadays, companies like Eurocesped use the latest technologies, ensuring that the final product meets the highest requirements of the European Community, both in quality and resistance to fire, drainage, bacteria accumulation, etc.

Natural grass can be an option to resort to, but the truth is that in the end beauty can be expensive, so we are spending money on a product that can deteriorate if it is not given thorough care. Therefore, it is worth giving yourself brand new artificial grass, with which you will get your garden in perfect condition for many years.

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Turf Grass Corona

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Turf Grass Corona Turf Grass Corona Turf Grass Corona

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