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Structural Drying Fort Myers

Structural Drying Fort Myers

Water damage can be devastating on any property, no matter how well-built. Even if a flood does not bring the house down immediately, the water that seeps into the walls and foundation can cause severe harm later on. Worse still, water damage can pave the way for mold infestation and its attendant health consequences. If your house has been affected by flooding, you need to invite professionals for structural drying in Fort Myers immediately.

What is structural drying?

Structural drying in Florida is the process of restoring all the structures and equipment in your home to their dry standard. The 'dry standard' is the natural moisture level of any material. If the amount of water exceeds this standard, the material will be prone to damage. Any water damage restoration effort that doesn't involve structural drying will ultimately be rendered ineffective in the long run.

What does structural drying entail?

There are four critical steps to Fort Myers water damage restoration. They include:

Water removal

When you invite our professionals for Fort Myers structural drying, the first thing they have to do is remove the excess water on the property. This can be easily achieved with specialized pumps that are effective enough to remove all traces of water without having to lift your carpet. Once this process is complete, the succeeding steps will be much easier.


Even after eliminating the visible traces of water, it's only normal that the surfaces will remain damp. Evaporation involves increasing airflow in the property with the aid of high-power fans. The high-pressure air will dry out the excessive dampness and make everything feel dry again.


Dehumidification pulls water vapor out of the atmosphere with the aid of the dehumidifiers. This further reduces the dampness in the house and ensures evaporated water does not settle back on the property. If you do not dehumidify properly, the excess moisture in the atmosphere can still cause significant problems later on.

Temperature management

Florida structural drying also entails maintaining a steady temperature in the home. Typically, our professionals try to work with temperatures between 70 and 90 degrees to facilitate the structural drying process. Temperatures below 70 will lead to slower drying, while temperatures above 90 may affect drying equipment.

How long should structural drying take?

Because different materials absorb and desorb moisture at varying rates, it may be hard to generalize the amount of time required for structural drying. Some materials, such as the carpet, cushion, and trim, may take three days or less to return to their dry standard. On the other hand, structural materials such as framing, concrete, and floor assemblies may require much longer. The vital point is to ensure that no material is left wet, no matter the amount of time it takes.

Do you need Fort Myers water damage restoration services? Do not hesitate to get in touch with iMold. We're available 24/7, and our response time is typically 30 minutes or less. Contact us on 239-208-6527, and you'll be inviting the best water, smoke, and fire restoration professionals to inspect your property.

Structural Drying Fort Myers

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Structural Drying Fort Myers Structural Drying Fort Myers Structural Drying Fort Myers

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