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Parking Lot Repair Near Me

Over time, your parking lot can experience wear and tear. Once you begin to notice cracks and potholes, it is advisable to call on an experienced contractor to fix the damages. Kansas City Concrete & Asphalt Services, Inc specializes in providing parking lot repair services.

We are experts in concrete and asphalt paving. We can repair damaged driveways, parking lots, streets, and roadways. Even if you need to replace concrete sidewalks and curbs, we can get it done. Our services are well-detailed and carried out with a high level of professionalism.

How Often Should a Parking lot be Resurfaced?

Resurfacing is the process of installing a new layer of asphalt over an existing one. When a parking lot needs a repair; resurfacing is a very good option to consider as they deteriorate over time. As a result of this, they become unattractive and may pose a safety concern. A resurfacing project done properly by a professional can extend the life of asphalt by 8-15 years. Not even the best asphalt lasts forever, however, a properly paved parking lot can last on average 20-30 years before it may call for major resurface.

How often should this resurface work happen?  The longevity of most parking lots still depends on some factors like the type of vehicles being used on the parking lots; how heavy the traffic is; condition of the former pavement and base; the thickness of the newly added layer; are the cracks and dips getting visible in a parking lot? Then you should consider resurfacing. 

Wear and tear issues also cause asphalt to lose its integrity, which calls for the parking lot to be resurfaced. You will also want to check for cracks and rots, and if the base is still strong enough to support a fresh layer, then consider using the resurfacing option. Regular maintenance every three (3) years is a good step in maintaining a parking lot.

What is the Cost for a Parking Lot Repair Near Me?

When it comes to pricing a resurfacing job, it is not always definite. An average parking lot costs around $1.25 - $2.50 per square foot for 1.5 – 2 inches of new overlay.

Calculating how much it will cost to redo a parking lot requires many variables at work. It depends on several factors, some of which are:

  • The condition of the existing parking lot
  • The depth/thickness of the resurface to be done
  • The traffic before and the expected traffic now
  • Size of the parking lot
  • The cost of material and labor cost
  • The geographical location of the parking lot
  • Distance between your parking lot location, and the asphalt supplier.

Choose Kansas City Concrete & Asphalt Services, Inc for Your “Parking Lot Repair Near Me!”

At Kansas City Concrete & Asphalt Services, Inc, we offer quality concrete and highly professional services. We will work diligently using every resource at our disposal to repair any crack or damage in your parking lot. For your “parking lot repair near me” contact us today to get a quote! We serve clients in the Kansas City area and provide excellent services.

Parking Lot Repair Near Me
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Parking Lot Repair Near Me Parking Lot Repair Near Me Parking Lot Repair Near Me

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