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concrete contractor Grandview MO

concrete contractor Grandview MO

A concrete contractor in Grandview MO is the best way to place and repair your sidewalk, patio, industrial, or another area. KC Concrete & Asphalt Services, Inc. brings 45 years of experience to your project in Kansas City.

What are the complications of laying concrete in Kansas City?

Kansas City lays in a climate of extremes and very near an actual fault line. Shrinking, expansion and even movement of the earth all strain your sidewalks, roadways, and loading areas.

Cracking is not uncommon with repairs required over time due to loading and the environment. Other complications come from the lifespan of the project itself which ranges from 30 to more than 100 years but this is less likely to become a major issue.

Can I repair cracked concrete?

Not every repair requires replacing everything. Sealing, patching, and crack filling are possible if tears are less than .2 inches in width.

If cracks are narrow enough, a special epoxy can even be used to reassert integrity. The epoxy fills the porous material, hardening between 24 hours and several weeks to act with the same resilience as the original material.

Why should I use a contractor for my project?

Concrete pouring seems simple but is not always straightforward. Large projects require heavy equipment while an uneven surface may lead to undesirable results.

Contractors have years of experience bringing projects like yours to fruition. We work tirelessly to avoid safety hazards and maintain compliance with state and local laws.

ADA compliance in concrete laying

The Americans with Disabilities Act attempts to guarantee the ability of every American to enjoy a full life. Laws and regulations extend to concrete ramps and sidewalks, specifying certain parameters for corners and angles.

Every business and government must comply with these laws. Our project managers are well versed in the letter of the law and we are able to provide colored, stamped, and decorative concrete finishes.

Can a contractor improve the quality of my driveway or sidewalk?

Concrete decoration has nothing to do with the pictures your children draw. Contractors regularly create intricate patterns that allow your project to feel truly unique. From swirls to crosshatching, we create artisanal patios and other areas.

Colored concrete helps you avoid paint as well. In some instances, such as with crosswalk entrances and exits, coloration is actually a requirement.

Where can I find an industrial or residential concrete contractor in Grandview MO

Your contractor should thoroughly understand their craft, project management, and the law. There is nothing worse than completing a project only to discover that city regulations require you to spend even more to repair a defect except a complete failure.

KC Concrete & Asphalt Services, Inc. has the experience and capability to complete a project. We strive to provide for our customers with artisanal designs and compliance to get the job done right the first time.

If you are looking to create a patio, driveway, loading dock, parking lot, or another area, we can help. Get in touch with us today.

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From time to time, you may need the expertise of a concrete contractor in Grandview, MO. When that time comes, you'll know who to call for exceptional workmanship and quality repairs. Researching and comparing costs and services takes a lot of time; call on our pros first and rest easy knowing you've hored the best concrete and asphalt team in the region. For professional results, 'good' will not be good enough to last through the years; we can save you money and reduce the likelihood that you'll have to call in another concrete specialist in the years to come.

One Call Does it All

As a full-service concrete and asphalt company, we offer a full continuum of services that covers the entire scope of your project, so the work will proceed as planned without interruption. If you need repairs to your home or business' foundation, walkway, sidewalk, driveway, slab, or exterior surfact, make a call to our office for professional advice. We'll always look for the most affordable solution to the problem at hand.

Municipal Projects

We're more than just a run-of-the-mill concrete contractor serving our community. When it comes to special projects that other companies turn down, we're able to take on jobs, both big and small. For municipal projects, we offer a wide range of services, including all of the following:
Concrete Work: Streets & lots, sidewalks, joint sealant, excavating, & grading
Asphalt Work: Streets & lots, overlays, sealcoating, trafficmarkings, milling, and more

concrete contractor Grandview MO
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concrete contractor Grandview MO
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concrete contractor Grandview MO concrete contractor Grandview MO concrete contractor Grandview MO

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