Concrete & Asphalt Services

Kansas City Concrete and Asphalt Services, Inc. has provided top quality concrete and asphalt services around the Kansas City area for over 40 years. Customer satisfaction is very important to us. Whether a private drive, commercial parking lot or city roadway, you can be sure KC Concrete and Asphalt has done it all before. Our reputation is built on superior work, outstanding customer service and guaranteed satisfaction. A large part of our reward is the loyalty of our customers that have placed their confidence in our services recommending our work to others and hiring us for their paving needs time and again.

Choose Kansas City Concrete & Asphalt Services Inc. for your next parking lot, street or driveway needs and place your confidence and trust in a company with the experience and resources to get the job done correctly the first time. We offer a wide range of parking lot related services. If you are looking for a new driveway or parking lot repair, crack sealing, concrete and asphalt paving for commercial and residential driveways you have found what you are looking for. Our solutions minimize or resolve pavement failure. Our team of concrete and asphalt technicians know what to look for and many times find simple solutions to correct or avoid big problems.

Streets & Parking Lots

At KC Concrete and Asphalt, we've paved hundreds of parking lots and roads, from full excavation and regrading to paving, patch and repair. If your parking lot has cracks, cracked areas or pavement failure give us a call and we will evaluate and recommend alternatives and solutions. We offer ways to maintain and protect your concrete and asphalt. We install new concrete curbing and replace and repair concrete curbing and sidewalks. If you want a new asphalt overlay we know what to do for you. Asphalt and concrete parking lots need proper maintenance to protect your investment. Experience professionals working for you. People that you can trust.


Asphalt overlays consist of a layer of asphalt paved over the existing asphalt or concrete surface of a parking lot or roadway. Overlays can help to smooth out existing paved surfaces and save money while covering repair areas and in some cases even eliminate or postpone areas that would have needed replacement. Overlays also reduce noise and help prevent pavement stress, increasing service life of your parking lot while offering a clean and attractive curb appeal. Typical overlay thickness range from two to three inches and is traffic ready within hours of being rolled. Call today and receive a free estimate on an overlay. It pays to maintain your parking lot and driveways in many different ways. Save unwanted costly repairs from concrete and asphalt failure as a result of poor drainage that could have been easily corrected. We provide a free evaluation and look for solutions to improve and maintain your investment. We strive to provide you with the best service and products and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Curb & Gutters/ADA Ramps

If you want curb and gutter repair, contact us for a free estimate. We have special crews that provide just the service that you want. We saw cut concrete curb, remove and haul it away. Then drill into the existing concrete gutter to tie it together with the new concrete, dowelled to insure against movement and match whats there. Elevations are critical for proper drainage. We have a great deal of experience with this repair. If you are looking for an estimate for concrete curbs and gutters, be assured our team of skilled field technicians can tackle the job. Our teams work quickly and carefully to improve elevations to ensure optimum results. KC Concrete and Asphalt Services have performed jobs for most local cities in the Kansas City area, corporate world headquarters and gated communities. Concrete curb repairs can look good. We do them almost every day. You will be pleased with our work. We guarantee that!


Concrete sidewalks serve us daily and require removal and replacement at some point. Cracks and sidewalk movement can become a safety hazard. We remove and replace sidewalks and sidewalk sections. If you need ADA handicap ramps with tread plates, sections of concrete curb or steps replaced, you are at the right place. Colored, stamped and decorative concrete finishes can also add an attractive design element to your building's exterior and can tie in with the exterior architecture. KC Concrete and Asphalt has been installing and replacing sidewalks for private and corporate clients for decades. We have installed and repaired sidewalks for municipalities and in neighborhoods. We work conscientiously to protect your property and provide safety barriers while under construction. Please contact us for a free estimate.

Crack Sealing

Concrete and asphalt age and deteriorate over time. Water, weather and traffic takes their toll on paved surfaces. Underground water is a major causes of pavement failure and cracks appear as material tries to handle the stress. Most cracks can be sealed but other cracks may be too wide and require removal of the pavement. We will provide you with a free evaluation and estimate to repair or seal cracks and make suggestions that may decrease costs to care and maintain your pavement. Cracks are an ongoing pavement challenge. Keep cracks sealed to keep moisture from penetrating through to the base and causing accelerated deterioration leading into unwanted costly repairs.

Asphalt Sealcoating

Sealcoating prevents harmful chemicals from damaging your asphalt such as; vehicle fluids, UV damage, water, weather and traffic. This coating of protective material extends the life of your pavement and reduces pavement failure. KC Concrete and Asphalt has been in the asphalt sealing business for decades. We apply sealer by hand squeegee and hand held sprayer or use a squeegeed machine to apply a quality blend of material. To get the job done right, contact us for a free estimate. We guarantee every job. Use our experienced applicators and benefit from our resources. When it comes to sealer, we can help. The most important part of getting a quality coating is in the application techniques and quality of the material. Contact us and find out how you can benefit by using KC Concrete and Asphalt Services.

New Construction/New Concrete & Asphalt

New construction of parking lots can be designed in a way to optimize longevity with lower maintenance costs. At KC Concrete and Asphalt Services you can benefit from our decades of experience and expertise. We have your best interests in mind when examining your project or blueprints. Grade elevations and underground water must be planned carefully for new projects. Knowing limitations of slope and how to direct surface and underground water is what we have done for years. Contact us for a free estimate and see for yourself what can be done to save money. Give us a call to learn more about our full range of new construction capabilities.


The first step in every construction project is excavation and grading. As concrete and asphalt professionals, we're highly competent in clearing land, excavation and earth-moving, controlling erosion and soil loss, demolition of existing concrete and asphalt pavement, backfilling holes and compaction of dirt and rock. Asphalt and concrete milling are also among provided services. We employ heavy duty machinery to get the job done quickly and efficiently while maintaining a highly-accurate grade to save you the cost of extra materials. Our operators are experts at operating large and small machines and we maintain accurate grade elevations. Please call us for a free estimate.

Night Jobs

Loss of business and inconvenience can present unwanted expense. KC Concrete and Asphalt Services offers solutions and alternatives so your business can remain open during peak times in order to do repairs by working at night. Avoid interference and inconvenience to customers and clientele. Night-time service offers this option. Have your work done overnight and be traffic ready the next morning. There is no re-routing inconvenience or interruption for customers or employees. Many repairs take a single night, and the concrete is ready to handle heavy traffic within hours. If you're concerned about losing business due to pavement repairs, give us a call and learn more about our night services.

Traffic Markings

Traffic markings are a vital element of communicating proper driving behavior to every motorist to ensure the safety of all traveling the road. KC Concrete and Asphalt is well versed in all road markings and has what it takes to correctly facilitate traffic paint markings for streets and parking lots. Our traffic marking teams are fast and capable of covering ground quickly. We stripe with colors, reflective paint markings, cross-walks and offer a wide variety of stencils. Pavement markings are an important part of a successful project. Paint striping can make a great impression. Leave it to the professional striper and enjoy the benefits of a beautiful job.

Underground Drainage

Our underground drainage installations cover a variety of drainage solutions for residential, commercial and municipal needs. We are familiar with multiple drainage system manufacturers and products. We are also familiar with drainage and grating construction and offer effective installs to improve and correct drainage problems. Underground lateral line drainage systems, installed properly, can redirect water that would have otherwise compromised your pavement’s integrity. Ground water can saturate the base under your pavement and cause unwanted repair expense. Contact us for a free evaluation and estimate to get rid of your ground water.

Milling Asphalt & Concrete

Asphalt and concrete milling is a sustainable process by which old or failed pavement is ground(milled) away, allowing for new pavement to be installed. The milled surface can be immediately driven on which allows for roads and approaches to remain open after milling has occurred. This milled asphalt material is often recycled for use in aggregate and pavement binders. Millings can be recycled in the manufacturing of asphalt and many times milled concrete is mixed with rock to be re-used for aggregate and compacted base materials. We use milling/grinding of asphalt and concrete to prepare for matching existing surfaces. Call us for a free estimate on projects that require milling of asphalt and concrete. We will provide you with a competitive bid. We offer milling along curb gutters prior to asphalt overlays in order to match the elevation of the existing concrete gutters which is required on most projects.