About Our Company

Why Choose Us?

Building Relationships

We value each of our customers and offer the preferred type of business relationship. We offer the type of business relationship that has the customers' best interest in mind. This brings a preferred service and value to every customer.

Practice of Safe Work Habits

Implementation of safe work strategies keep a safe work place and are practiced daily. This company participates in “Safety Sam” Safety Service meetings for increased awareness for our field techs and helps to insure a safe and accident free environment. Safe work ethics are shown by a clean and organized job site for safety and appearance.

Reliable Equipment Provided

Having reliable equipment on the job is very important. Customers generally want their work done right and with as little down time as possible. Proper use, operation and maintenance of new equipment helps deliver more reliable performance to your project.

Skilled Professionals On Your Project

You can expect skilled tradesmen, experienced equipment operators and properly licensed class A CDL drivers when we are involved on your project. Not every day you get to enjoy being involved on a project that is performed in a way that it is hoped for.

Fully Insured Workforce

We maintain workman’s compensation and general liability insurance and is provided for our customers before the start of the project.

Participation in Trade Shows

Attendance and participation in national trade shows and pavement related construction and equipment expositions all across the nation help us stay abreast of technology and advancement. This knowledge is then used in our operation to improve our performance and productivity. All of which contributes to KC Concrete And Asphalt Services being the right choice for concrete and asphalt related services.

Good People » Performance » Value

Employment of skilled and responsible people are key components in reaching optimum performance. We believe that a company is only as good as the people within it. You can expect better performance from our skilled and qualified work force. We offer the best of products on the market and KC Concrete and Asphalt Services, Inc. delivers this value through our qualified work force.

Our Guarantee

Customer satisfaction is very important to us. We place a great deal of value on all of our customers' satisfaction. That level of satisfaction is reached by having a workforce that takes pride in the quality of their work and attention to details.


Every job comes with a one year warranty against failure as a result of defective material or workmanship.


We offer FREE ESTIMATES. We appreciate the opportunity to provide this service. More importantly for our customers, we provide an experienced representative that offers ideas and honest recommendations and the best ways to save, maintain and install concrete and asphalt pavement.

It is our privilege to offer our experience along with our evaluations and recommendations. This adds value to your project in many ways. Sometimes it’s just a little thing that may be easily overlooked that could save much unwanted repair expense. When the work is done right the first time, the right way, it saves in the long run. Please contact us for a free estimate.

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Since 1970

Kansas City Concrete and Asphalt Services, Inc. has provided quality services in the Kansas City metro and surrounding rural communities since 1970.

We specialize in concrete and asphalt paving projects, such as parking lots, streets and residential driveways.